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General Information

Where do I purchase and pick up tickets?

Early Bird tickets will go online in June, before the full line-up has been announced.

These tickets will give you all the benefits of a General Admission ticket but will be cheaper! 

General Admission tickets will be available from July. These will be available online and also from most of the venues participating in this years festival.

All the different types of tickets and pricing info are available online here.

Full Saturday day tickets bought online will be exchanged for a wrist band. You will be able to redeem them at the first venue Hive Cafe on Saturday 23rd from 1pm and also throughout the day at each venue.


During the festival limited tickets will also be available on the door of each of the individual venues allowing a single venue entry.

(Cash only)

What are the timings for the weekend?

Saturday 23rd

13:00 - Hive Cafe

15:00 - Parish (Divebar)

17:00 - Northern Quarter

19:00 - Byram Arcade

21:00 - Small Seeds

Sunday 24th 

14:00 - 17:00 - The County

15:00 - 18:00 - Small Seeds

17:00 - 21:00 - The Parish

For more information on acts and set timings or enquiries please visit the lineup page and follow/contact on Instagram / Facebook.

What is the point of Onwards festival?

Onwards festival is a celebration of a year of grassroots music in Huddersfield. All the bands booked for the festival have a connection to the area. Most have been playing in Huddersfield regularly or have a Huddersfield following and connection to the town. 
The venues too are important to the festival. Each venue has been hosting live music throughout the year or supporting Huddersfield's grassroots music and arts scene in some other way. 

Noah and Sam, who run the festival, organise gigs the year round and book artists and venues for Onwards that that they believe in! Come and join us for two days celebrating grassroots music in Huddersfield.

Which acts have played at Onwards festival over the years?

Venues that have been involved:

Vinyl Tap, The Sportsman, Cafe Ollo, Wood Street, Small Seeds, Magic Rock, Coffevolution, Otso, The Corner, Northern Quarter, Kwas, Venn Street Solical, Byram Arcade, Arcade Coffee & Food.

Live artists that have been involved:

Shuffls, The Quims, Joby Hardwick, Spiiike, Rib Corps, Band of Jays, Klonk, Liz McKenzie, Druce & Jones, Chicken Scratch, Deadbeat Brass, Harley J, Birds & Beasts, Crooks & Claridge, Kaninchen, Rosa Lucy, Jonas Lapinas, Thabo, Nu Popes, Louis Louis Louis, Run the River, Don Gonzo, Mamilah, Easy Stride Band, Happy Daggers, Pepperjam, Appel 4, Morpher, Savvy, Postculture, Steen Machine, Orca Blue, Kevlar Boombox, Isaac Saierre, Poppy Thomason, Jordan Higo, Brigantes, Groove and the Bathtub Pings, Luna & the Moon, Huddersfield Community Gospel Choir, Rob Bradley, The Haggis Horns, Liseli B, Rob Mear & Nadia Amini, Terry Logan, Jack Manning, The Rogues, Toby Martin

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