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SUNDAY 24th September 5pm - 9pm

Parish is thriving music venue housed within a grand old courthouse.
Offering amazing live music events, good pub grub and a wide selection of beverages. 
The top floor venue offers a first class gig experience with top quality sound and visuals.

Entry requirements - Individual Event ticket / Pay on the door (subject to availability)


Mr Wilson's
Second Liners

6pm - 8pm


New Orleans meets 90s club classics…a rave funeral without the body.

In New Orleans, funerals are celebrated in style, with noisy brass bands processing through the streets. The main section of the parade is known as First Line, but the real fun starts with the Second Line, those who follow the band to enjoy the music, marching with the musicians and twirling parasols or waving handkerchiefs.

Proudly stepping out in uniformed style, they channel the spirit of the 24 hour party people and get audiences dancing wherever they play.

The vision is an anarchic, street extravaganza, bursting with colour and sound, rallying impromptu raves on street corners and rousing audiences young and old into a joyful frenzy.

Smith Sisters

5pm - 5:45pm


Family folk group The Smith Sisters, Jess, Han and Elly, joined by honorary sister Aidan Kilroy, later beautiful harmonies over guitar, cello, accordion and Bodhran. With an unconventional set list of covers and originals this set list has something for everyone and is sure to surprise and delight.

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