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SUNDAY 24th September 2pm - 5:30pm

Chris' art installation will be hanging on
one of the trees on New Street, HD1.
Walk down the street, find the instruments
and listen to their loveliness.

Chris Ruffoni's
Instruments of Light Dependent Vibration


Sculptural sound installation formed from unique, mechanical, acoustic musical instruments which respond in real time to the environment they inhabit to create an immersive, contemplative and organically shifting texture of sounds.Each instrument includes a bespoke light sensing analogue circuit controlling cycles of energy that are transmitted to a vibrator, exciting sounds with chaotic motion within each pyramidal structure. The light reaching each instrument affects the length of silence within each cycle: the less light there is, the more time it takes to create the next sound. With each instrument receiving a different amount of light, the length of each cycle varies and changes slowly over the course of the day.  Sounds dominate in the light, silences in the dark, with the most notable shifts happening at sunrise and sunset.Like hanging offerings, the instruments are suspended from tree branches, the silhouettes of which may be cast onto their canvas sides and change as they gently turn in the wind.


made in collaboration with Nick Cohen and John Robertson-Dwyer as part of Chris' Arts Council England funded DYCP project.

Chris Ruffoni ILDV pyramids holmfirth 2023 .jpg
Chris Ruffoni ILDV pyramids holmfirth 2023 1.jpg
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